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Bullfight Guided Tours

Join us in Las Ventas, Madrid

"The only bullfight guided tour in Las Ventas, Madrid. A memorable experience."


Spanish and English speaking guide
Tour of Las Ventas and surroundings
Entry ticket to Las Ventas
Explanation of the bullfight and tradition
Enjoy free wine
3 hours of the oldest european tradition
Plenty of fun!

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Paul, New Zealand

“Santi is a bullfighting encyclopedia, I never thought there was so much to know about bullfighting. Highly recommended”

Casey & Dora, Ohio, US

“Having being to Spain several times, this was the first time we had assisted to a bullfight. It was mesmerizing. Santi's knowledge made the experience even richer. And free wine!!!”


24th March. 18:00
Torrestrella bulls for Diego Urdiales, Eduardo Gallo and Antonio Nazaré.

31st March. 18:00
Peñajara bulls for Leandro, Sergio Aguilar and Fernando Cruz.

7th April. 18:00
Javier Molina steers for Raúl Cámara Cañero, Antonio Puerta and Rafael Cerro.

14th April. 18:00
El Serrano steers for Juan Leal, Brandon Campos (from Mexico, introduction in Madrid) and Álvaro Sanlúcar (from Sanlúcar de Barrameda, introduction in Madrid).

21st April. 18:00
El Cotillo-Collado Ruiz steers for Roberto Blanco (from Salamanca, introduction in Madrid), Tomás Campos (from Llerena, introduction in Madrid) and Gonzalo Caballero.

28th April. 18:00
Guadaira steers for each of the best three previous steer bullfights (novilladas).

Las Ventas, Madrid

Information: Tauromachy

A brief introduction

The bull (toro)

The bull (toro) is the protagonist of the bullfight. The bullfight is based on the nicest animal on earth, an animal which has evolved during centuries to reach this perfect blend of casta, bravery (bravura) and beauty.

There are important bull families, Saltillo are fierce, Nuñez are big and with prominent horns, and Miura have killed numerous toreros.
When a bull is exceptionally brave, it is pardoned and returned to the countryside as a stallion for the rest of his life.

The fighting bull

The bullfighter (torero)

The main attribute of a bullfighter is bravery. In addition, he should have the skills to fight (lidiar) well and art to do it gracefully. To be a bullfighter is a miracle, it is the hardest job on Earth. Only one out of the thousands of people who try manage to get to Las Ventas.

Bullfighters progress in their careers through different steps: novilleros (only bullfight steers), and then toreros. Every bullfighter has to come to Madrid to reafirm itself and pass the final exam, once this has been done he has become a true bullfighter.

The bullfighter


It is obvious that a controversy around bullfighting exists. Artist lie Picasso, Goya, Hemingway loved it, while today it is banned in some regions and some people hate it.

By coming with us on one of the bullfighting tours, you will have enough data to be able to shape your own opinion. Don't let your prejudices win!

Hemingway, Sofia Loren and Orson Wells

What will I learn?

You will learn what a bullfight is.
You will experience one of the oldest traditions in the same way any madrileño (Madrid inhabitant) does.

What will I see?

You will see the sand watered with the blood of so many heroes, Las ventas.
You will experience the passion and the art, you will experience the fear, the excitement, and maybe, why not, the romance of bullfighting.

Who will guide the tour?

You will be accompanied with a bullfighting specialist, a true madrileño who has lived and breathed bullfighting for over 20 years.

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